Discs and Data

About me

Disc sports enthusiast with a data science habit.

Co-founder and mod of the world famous "30 days of ML (by kaggle)" daily room.

🥏On the disc side I've played and coached ultimate for 28 years. I've played in 16 countries and have competed in the US national championships twice and the world championships twice. I now move a bit slower but do my best to run around after the young Cambodians I teach the game to.

I have also picked up disc golf and have won half the tournaments I have ever competed in. I should probably retire now.

📈On the data side, I am definitely in the early part of my journey. I'm studying hard and learning fast. You can see the types of topics I enjoy exploring (sports, especially Aussie football and disc golf) at DiscsandData.com.

I don't know much yet, but whatever I know I'm willing to share.

📍Siem Reap, Cambodia. 🇰🇭

🏀Currently running the sports program for Globalteer (an NGO/non-profit)

🍔Former Cambodian food tour guide for Siem Reap Food Tours

📙Former English teacher at a place that shan't be named

🎰Former Operations Manager at Hatien Vegas Casino


️Former anthropologist-in-training at the University of Wisconsin

Do that player head-to-head thing!